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    President Obama,


    The banks have perpetrated a fraud against the American public that is deeper than you know. The securitizations have layers and layers of insurances which are the incentive to foreclose. The homes were insured at the fraudulently inflated values and now the banks just want to collect.


    Wall Street bet against the fraudulent loans they created to fail, insured to fail and pushed in to failure with their scheme. Their actions have destroyed the real estate values and the market which has affected all Americans.


    With all the investigations that have been conducted and all the fraud that has been revealed, no one has held the banks or the participants who assist them accountable for the crimes. 


    You ran on a platform of hope and change, but people are still waiting for change and have little hope left for justice. You can still turn this around before it is too late and you are remembered as the President who made a lot of empty promises. Your legacy is at stake. Please act now. 


    I encourage everyone to sign this Petition!


    Dear MoveOn member,
    Last Wednesday, President Obama stood up to Wall Street by appointing Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For months, Republicans have been blocking the appointment, and Obama’s action will finally allow the agency to get to work.

    Now, President Obama has a choice to make: whether or not to order a full federal investigation into bank practices during the housing crisis. 

    Progressive attorneys general have temporarily blocked a sweetheart deal that would have given broad immunity to the banks.1 Now, the president can decide whether or not to move forward with a full federal investigation that would hold the banks accountable.

    The president has the power to order this investigation today and start the year off right. It’s up to us to make sure he hears loud and clear that progressives are counting on him to continue taking bold and immediate actions to help the 99%.

    Can you sign the petition calling on the president to order a full federal investigation today? Click below to add your name:;t=2

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